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Traveler's Notebook: Midori vs Fauxdori (September Leather)

Joy P

Three years ago, my first time to hear and bought a Midori Traveler's Notebook, then about one year ago I started making Traveler's Notebook and selling them on Amazon, and today I am going to write a post to compare the Midori and the fauxdori I made.

1. Packaging

midori vs fauxdori
The packagings are similar with kraft paper box.
midori vs fauxdori 02
Midori's box with elastic closure, and September Leather's with sticker label.
midori vs fauxdori 03
Both with a linen bag, instruction paper, and spare elastic.

2. Style

midori vs fauxdori 04
The obvious difference is, Midori's has a lead sealing and a small elastic bookmark, while September Leather's has a small leather piece that could protect the cover.
midori vs fauxdori 05
midori vs fauxdori 06
Midori's elastic closure comes out of the back while September Leather's comes out of the spine.
midori vs fauxdori 07
Inside the cover, Midori's elastic was tied with a knot, which may cause interference when writing; September Leather's elastics were fixed with metal pieces which let the notebook lays flat.

3. Insert

midori vs fauxdori 08
midori vs fauxdori 09
The Midori TN comes with one insert, September Leather TN comes with 3 inserts.
midori vs fauxdori 10
The notebook inserts are the same size, 21x11cm, with kraft paper cover.
midori vs fauxdori 11
Both inserts are stapled.
midori vs fauxdori 13
The Midori's insert is blank pages (refill 003), September Leather's are mixed with blank, lined and grid pages.
midori vs fauxdori 14
midori vs fauxdori 15
Midori's insert is little thinner with white paper, while September Leather's inserts are thicker with cream paper.
midori vs fauxdori 16
Both papers are in high quality, no bleeding or ghosting.

4. Leather Cover

midori vs fauxdori 17
midori vs fauxdori 18
The covers are made of genuine (full grain) cowhide leather, marks easily and ages beautifully. 
midori vs fauxdori 19
midori vs fauxdori 20
The Midori's cover is 0.5mm taller, and its rough side is very smooth to the touch.
midori vs fauxdori 22
The Midori's cover is thicker and its edges were burnished. 

5. Price

midori vs fauxdori 23
Both traveler's notebooks are available on, the price for Midori TN is US$32.00, and September Leather's is US$19.99. Midori's has a good review amount while September Leather's has a good average review score.(~by June 24, 2017)


Have to say, Midori Traveler's Notebook has the best quality, it should always the first choice for traveler's notebook lover. But, if you are a beginner and not sure if you like this system, a cheaper yet high-quality fauxdori (such as September Leather's Traveler's Notebook) would be a better choice.

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